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Pleasures in food 2017

For its 6th annual meeting, the UNESCO Chair in World Food Systems will approached different aspects of pleasures which are more or less associated with the act of eating.
What are the neurobiological mechanisms of pleasure? Is sensory pleasure contributing to a healthier food? How does the food industry develop products which are linked to our senses? Is the pleasure of eating worth only if it’s shared? Furthemore, how to share more equally the art of gastronomy?

With the participation of:
Pierre CHANDON (Insead, Fontainebleau),
Isabelle CAYEUX (Firmenich, Geneva)
Teresa CORÇÃO (Gourmet Chef, Rio de Janeiro)
Christine CHERBUT (INRA),
Ikuhiro FUKUDA (Waseda University, Tokyo)
Agnès GIBOREAU (Paul Bocuse Institute, Lyon)
Magali RAMEL (ATD Quart monde)
Anne DUPUY (ISTHIA, Toulouse Jean Jaurès University)…