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Research, education, sharing knowledge

1. The Chair

In the spring of 2011, Montpellier SupAgro created a Chair in world food systems, labeled by the UNESCO within the framework of the Unitwin/UNESCO Chairs international programme, in partnership with the Agropolis International institutions. It is now supported by Agropolis Fondation and the Fondation Daniel et Nina Carasso.

The aim of the UNESCO Chair in World Food Systems (WFS) is to increase and disseminate academic and empirical knowledge in world food systems (in particular urban food systems), their diversity, their dynamics and their human and environmental impacts from the standpoint of sustainable development : qualitative improvement of food diets, reduced access to food inequalities, food production systems and optimized logistics, limiting food waste and recycling waste streams to local roots, feeding practices, etc.

The Chair relies on a network of researchers and teachers in Montpellier, France and the world, notably involved in the management bodies of the Chair (Steering committee, SC) and in its Unitwin network (University Twining and Networking).

The WFS Unesco Chair carries out activities of :

  • research: promote the development and sharing within multidisciplinary approach crossing biotechnical sciences and social sciences ;
  • education: transferring scientific and technical knowledge through education and training, particularly in the context of the annual seminar and Honour Master’s Degree "Innovations and Policies for Sustainable Food" (IPAD);
  • sharing knowledge: setting up of conferences and debates between science, politics, business and the general public.

It works closely with the UNESCO Chair "Safeguarding and Promotion of Cultural Food Heritages", hosted by the Université François-Rabelais in Tours, and is part of a national network of UNESCO Chairs.

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Nicolas Bricas
Mail : nicolas.bricas(at)cirad.fr
Secretary general
Damien Conaré
Mail : damien.conare(at)supagro.inra.fr
Program officer
Roxane Fages
Mail : roxane.fages(at)supagro.fr
Hélène Carrau
Mail : helene.carrau(at)supagro.fr