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3-4 September 2015 - University of Wisconsin - UNESCO Chair on WFS - Madison

Food Waste and Sustainability Concerns

Food waste is a growing issue. The seminar covered its various dimensions as well as sustainable perspectives :
- Economic, social and environmental impacts of food waste
- Consumers and sustainability : focus on food waste concern
- How to encourage a change in people’s food waste behavior ?
- Offering branded remanufactured/recycled products : at what price ?
- Internal and external motivators for environmentally sound waste management
- Brazilian market demands for organic products and different consumer groups
- Development of a brand equity measurement scale for food labels : an international validation
- The challenge of weed resistance to herbicides in US agriculture
- The empowerment potential in value-added agriculture
- Trust orientations in the organic food market : a complementary approach based on distributors, certification organizations and consumers’ perspectives
- Consumer perceptions of food waste : does information matter ?

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