September 2013

CITYFOOD: Linking Cities on Urban Agriculture and Urban Food Systems

In answer to the requests for information, training and advice in politics and techniques coming from an increasing number of cities, the ICLEI and RUAF foundation launched during the international conference Resilient Cities 2013 the CITYFOOD network on the food systems of resilient cities/regions. The first publication is the following brochure gathering examples of acting cities building a more sustainable urban food system.


City of Melbourne’s food policy

Melbourne is renowned for the quality of its food and we often assume we will always have plentiful access to good food. There are, however, signs that our food system is facing serious challenges, and the way that we respond will shape the quality of life within the City of Melbourne for many years to come.

Food policy

Discussion paper

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May 2014

Urban agriculture as a climate change and disaster risk reduction strategy

The latest issue of the UA Magazine published by the RUAF Foundation.


International Development Research Centre (IDRC)

Agriculture in urban planning

This volume, by researchers working in urban agriculture, examines concrete strategies to integrate city farming into the urban landscape. Drawing on original field work in cities across the rapidly urbanizing global South, the book examines the contribution of urban agriculture and city farming to livelihoods and food security.