June 2013

Municipal food policy entrepreneurs

Preliminary analysis on how Canadian cities and regions are involved in food system change.

2014-2015 - IFPRI

Global Food Policy

In this report, distinguished researchers, policymakers, and practitioners review what happened in food policy in 2014 at the global, regional, and national levels, and—supported by the latest knowledge and research—explain why. This year’s report is the first to also look forward a year, offering analysis of the potential opportunities and challenges that we will face in achieving food and nutrition security in 2015.


June 2014

Changing what we eat

NNew report from the Food Climate Research Network, "Changing what we eat, A call for research & action on widespread adoption of sustainable healthy eating". Government leadership and substantial investment in research are needed to shift global consumption habits towards eating patterns that are both healthy and sustainable, say academics, industry and NGOs representatives in a this report.