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Surfood : building sustainable urban food systems

The UNESCO Chair on World Food Systems coordinates the setting up of the federative programme Surfood.

SurFood is a research program in process with the goal of federating the scientific community of Montpellier and its partners around a common issue « contributing to more sustainable urban food systems». The project will develop new programs of research which participate to the realization of a pool of tools (diagnostic, assessment, action) for building sustainable food systems for feeding the cities of tomorrow. The program mobilises fifteen research units of Montpellier from four important disciplinary groups: economics and social sciences; nutrition and health; food technology, process and recycling engineering; agronomy.

SurFood aims to structure the whole scientific community, to give them visibility at the international level and to foster the interactions and partnerships with other research teams around the world that are interested in the same issues. Agropolis Foundation invested in the setting-up of the program.
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