• January 2016
    Innovation day for sustainable food

    JIPAD acts

    The 18 students of the 2014-2015 ISAM-IPAD trainings have each realized a study on an innovation project for a sustainable food. Studies were the subject of videos and written syntheses, presented and discussed on April 2nd, 2015, in the framework of four thematic workshops : 1- Systems of production : will the alternative of today be the conventional of tomorrow ? 2- Between producers and consumers : towards fairer exchanges ? 3- Supplying cities, working solutions. 4- Waste … you said waste ? The acts have just been published.

    Read the acts (French)
    Download the acts (French)

  • Montpellier - January 29 2016
    5th annual symposium

    "Food, health, well-being : I am what I eat ?"

    For its 5th annual meeting, the Unesco Chair World FOOD Systems approached the complicated connections between food, health and well-being. With crossed views from nutritionists, sociologists, philosophers, economists, representatives from private sector and international institutions.

    Programme (French)
    Synthesis (French)