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2012/Sustainable food_Full program

Inaugural conference
Claude Fischler, sociologist, CNRS, director of the Edgar Morin Center, Paris, “Sustainable food: a common good?”

Session 1 – How does the world eat?
Nicolas Bricas, “How does the world eat: convergence or diversity?”
Ruth Charrondière, FAO, “Sustainability of global nutrition”
Salamatou Sow, University of Abdou Moumouni, “Animal production of Niger”

Session 2 - Food security: an unreachable objective?
Olivier De Schutter, United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food
Pedro Makumbundu Kitoko, National Council for Food and Nutrition Security, Brazil

Session 3 - "Agropoly": an increasingly concentrated and financialized global food system
Bernard Hubert, President of Agropolis International, Head of session
Serigne Diop, research director, Nestlé West Africa, Abidjan, “Agrifood system and private sector vision, example of Nestlé in Africa”
Vincent Jacob, Crystal Consulting, “The financialization of agricultural markets: modalities and consequences”
Raimond Jussaume, Michigan State University

Hassan Benabderrazik, former Secretary General of the Ministry of Agriculture, Morocco