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2017/ Annual symposium "Pleasures in food"

The 6th Annual Conference of the UNESCO Chair on World Food Systems kicked off at 9 am on 3 February 2017 in a packed amphitheatre (400 people).

Anne-Lucie Wack (Director General of Montpellier SupAgro), Michel Eddi (Director of CIRAD) and Guilhem Soutou (Food Programme of the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation) in turn stressed the multidisciplinary nature of the Chair and its distinctiveness as an open space for groundbreaking discussions between different stakeholders (research, education, private sector). Damien Conaré, Secretary General of the Chair, then spoke about his main remits (overseeing the science-society dialogue, conference organization, research programme coordination) and the various activities under way in 2016, a period during which the Chair was audited.

Researchers in the fields of psychiatry, sociology, geography, anthropology and marketing, as well as chefs, elected officials and entrepreneurs, were invited to discuss the ‘Pleasures in Food’ topic. A highly attentive eclectic audience of young and older people attended. The conference poster—a photograph of New York workers eating clams while drinking white wine around a cart (a forerunner to the food trucks popular today)—met the organizers’ wishes to “multiply their viewpoints, reach beyond the boundaries and shake up the certainties”, recalled Damien Conaré.

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