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2018/Food journeys_Full program

Marie-Laure Navas, Patrick Caron, Damien Conaré, Opening speech

Inaugural conference
Kamal Mouzawak, culinary activist, Tawlet restaurant and organic farmer’s market Souk el Tayeb, Lebanon, "Sharing and passing down cooking"

Jonas Parienté, Grandmas project

Session 1 - Migrations, Flows, Hybridizations
Marianne Lefebvre, nutritionist, Nutrition Integration Association, Canada, "Montreal: how immigrants impact food culture"

Salamatou Sow, sociolinguist, Université Abdou Moumouni, Niger, "The nomadic diet of the Fulani"

Christian Grataloup, geohistorian, professor emeritus at Université Paris Diderot, "The world in our cups - Three centuries of breakfast"

Discussion – Travels of plants, Travels through meals
Michel Chandeigne, editor, translator of Jose Mendes Ferrao’s book, "The journeys of plants and major discoveries"

Marine Mandrila, co-founder, Very Food Trip & Refugee Food Festival

Session 2 - Spread, Trade, Delivery
Paul Wagner, Director of Development at Chronopostfood, "The challenges for the food industry of a delivery’s last mile"

Sylvie Sanchez, anthropologist, Edgar-Morin Center, Interdisciplinary Institute of Contemporary Anthropology (IIAC), "Pizza connection: cultures and globalization"

Jean-Pierre Hassoun, sociologist, Institute for Interdisciplinary Research on Social Issues (IRIS), School of Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences, “Synthesis and conclusions”