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2017/ Pleasures in Food_Full program

Opening speech
Anne-Lucie Wack, Michel Eddi, Guilhem Soutou, Damien Conaré, Opening speech

Inaugural conference
Roland Jouvent, psychiatrist, professor at Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI), Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital, “The physiology of pleasure”

Session 1 – Savour pleasures
Ikuhiro Fukuda, geo-socio-anthropologist, Waseda University (Tokyo), “The subtle construction of natural taste in Japanese tradition”

Isabelle Cayeux, head of sensory analysis R&D, Firmenich (Geneva), “Flavors for the food industry: perceptions and emotions”

Pierre Chandon, marketing professor, director of the INSEAD-Sorbonne Université Behavioural Lab, “Sensory pleasure as an ally of a healthier diet”

Discussion – Engaged gastronomy
Teresa Corção, gourmet chef, O’Navigador, Rio de Janeiro

Damien Carême, godfather of the association Le Recho, mayor of Grande-Synthe

Christine Cherbut, scientific director of the food and bioeconomy division, INRA, “A step sideways”

Session 3 – A shared pleasure
Magali Ramel, ATD Quart-Monde, “Enhancing the pleasure and social role of food”

Agnès Giboreau, director of research, Institut Paul Bocuse, Lyon, “Role of context in the pleasure of a meal”

Laura Guérin, associate researcher, Edgard Morin Centre, CNRS, “Eating together in a nursing home: a pleasure, really?”