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Online courses

The Unesco Chair in World Food Systems participates / co-coordinates online training about food systems. See below.

Sustainable Food Planning - AESOP4FOOD

Action for Education, Spatial Organisation and Planning for Sustainable Food

Online course from the 24th March 2022.
Regristration from now until March 15 : Registration form

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Starting from the evidence of serious gaps in knowledge and transformative competences to address the challenges in a multi-disciplinary way and the recognition of the essential role of graduates of (spatial) planning course in developing integrated territorial plans in a democratic way, and understanding an inter-sectoral, multi-level, and multi-stakeholder approach, the AESOP4FOOD Erasmus+ project aims to answer the need for sustainable food planning by creating a joint interdisciplinary European learning activity.

We propose an online open course on sustainable food planning for students of planning disciplines, agronomy, environmental sciences, and related subjects.

The course relates to food governance (food councils) and policies, land management, agroecological urbanism, agroecology, agronomy, the economics of food, food systems and chains, local food networks, foodscapes, metropolitan food planning, food waste, food communities and participation, food justice and security and fosters transdisciplinary collaboration and transformative science.

Running from March 24, 2022 until the end of June, almost every Thursday at 17-18.30 CET.

Regristration from now until March 15 : Registration form