All the URBAL innovations

The PGS "Agroécologie Maroc", Morocco

Discover the Participatory guarantee system "Agroécologie Maroc":

Buriti Zen, Brasilia

Discover Buriti Zen, one of the restaurants participating to the UFIL "Cerrado Biome in Gastronomy":

La Cagette, Montpellier (France)

Discover La Cagette, a cooperative supermarket in Montpellier:

The Maizajo Tortilleria, Mexico City

Discover this innovation here

"Ma Cantine Autrement", Montpellier (France)

Discover "Ma Cantine Autrement" in Montpellier:

La Panaméenne, Paris

Presentation of the association Food2rue and its grocery store and restaurant La Panaméenne. By Estelle Jacq.