ISARD - Inventory of innovations for responsible and sustainable food systems

Since 2012, the Chair has been developing a partnership with the association RESOLIS (Research and evaluation of innovative and social solutions) and the Association of French Regions within the framework of the ISARD (Innovations for responsible and sustainable food systems) project.

The aim is to contribute to designing and building new food systems that are sustainable and responsible by identifying and classifying initiatives taken by different types of actors, setting up a database, dissemination activities, building a platform to pool these initiatives, and supporting promising projects through expertise, consolidation and recognition awards.

ISARD is a collaborative project. It is engaged in research/action and knowledge sharing, straddling academic research and operations. The aim of the ISARD project is to help design and build new, sustainable, and responsible food systems through:

  • an inventory and a scientific classification of the initiatives for responsible and sustainable food systems taken by various "stakeholders";
  • a database;
  • theoretical and empirical efforts to deepen understanding of the concept of "territorialized food systems";
  • mechanisms to generate synergy between actors.