URBAL guide

The URBAL methodological guide will soon be available online. This open access guide explains the URBAL approach and offers examples of good practices and lessons learned from a variety of case studies.

URBAL guide website: https://urbal-sustainablefood.guide/

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URBAL is an accessible, participatory approach that can help you evaluate and track how a sustainable food system innovation leads to change. It is easy to use, quick, and affordable.

URBAL helps you understand more about a food system innovation so you can improve on the innovation and share information with new audiences.

URBAL enables meaningful project stakeholder involvement and is easily adapted to your unique context.

URBAL supports innovation actors in leading, managing, developing, improving, promoting and scaling up innovations, and helps donors and public actors in the decision-making process. URBAL can also assist you in preparing a quantitative impact evaluation by helping identify more accurate and meaningful indicators.

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In the first step of the URBAL process, you will document and understand the sustainable food system innovation in order to gather all the information you need for the evaluation.

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In the second step of the URBAL process, you will plan, prepare, and run a participatory exercise to map the changes from the sustainable food system innovation.

Video step 3 + step 4 (optional)
In the third step of the URBAL process you’ll take the results collected in the Steps 1 and 2 and wrap up the project with a meeting or a workshop.

You also have the option to go further with Step 4. You can track your innovation assessment with indicators or optimize existing ones.