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8h30 - Welcome Coffe

09h00 - Opening
 Carole Sinfort, Director of l’Institut Agro Montpellier
 Philippe Petithuguenin, Director for Research and Strategy, Cirad
 Damien Conaré, Secretary General of Unesco Chair in World Food Systems, l’Institut Agro Montpellier

09h30 - Inaugural conference
 Céline Chanas, chief curator, director of the Musée de Bretagne (Rennes) : “De la soif à l’ivresse”

10h30 - Coffee break

11h00 - Session 1 : From physiological needs to dependencies and addictions
 Gaukhar Konuspayeva, professor of biochemistry and immunology at Université nationale Kazakh Al-Farabi, Almaty, Kazakhstan : “Camel milk, a "miracle" food””
 Véronique Nahoum-Grappe, anthropologist, École des hautes études en sciences sociales : “The meaning of drunkenness”
 Patrick Pharo, research director, Centre national de la recherche scientifique: “Well-being and dependencies”

12h30 - Presentation of Doctoral Prize and Photographic Prize

14h00 - Conversation: Coffe time
 Éloi Ficquet, anthropologist and historian, lecturer at the École des hautes études en sciences sociales: “Origins and ceremony of coffee in Ethiopia”
 Gloria Monténégro, former Guatemalan ambassador to France, coffee sommelier and founder of the Caféothèque, Paris : “La caféologie”

15h00 - Session 2 : Water, at the crossroads of economic, political and environmental issues
 Nicolas Marty, historian, University of Perpignan : “A history of bottled water”
 Marie Tsanga Tabi, scientific management, INRAE: "The social question of water"

16h15 - Conclusion
 Anthony Duchêne, artist,"Paysages à boire"

16h30 - Final aperitif